WK#6 - Expiring Spirits

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Being cooped up inside makes you go stir crazy! And it makes you careful about how you talk to and about the people around you. In thinking about it I discovered that you communicate in three ways: through your words, your gestures, and through your spirit. Which do you think is most important? I bet you guessed it. Not through our words, but the spirit with which we speak those words. That is what gives our words meaning, depth, and credence.

But our spirit can flag. We become fatigued with the daily-ness of life, and we end up still doing the deeds but they are done "absent of spirit." Sort of like all those Zombie movies that are out now. Zephaniah gives us a lesson that we could all use – especially me:

"It will come about at that time that I will search Jerusalem with lamps, and I will punish the men who are stagnant in spirit ... (Zeph. 1:12)

Such a graphic picture. A spirit that is putrid, rotting, decaying, and rancid. Not a pretty sight. But it's a reality and a fact of life. Zephaniah tells us that our spirit is prone to getting rancid and stale. Without intentional maintenance, our hearts go bad, like the moldy fruit in the icebox that we forgot was there since last summer.

The people of Judah had let their spirits go beyond their expiration date without renewing it. Now it was musty and the sell-by date had outlived its freshness label, and it was decomposing rapidly.

Our spirit has an expiration date ... I think its "every morning." Every morning; each day it has to be refreshed and updated. That's how God made us. Like farm fresh produce, if it's last week's harvest, it's too old.

I need to stay current with the Holy Spirit as He renews my spirit every morning ... for my family, my ministry, my physical health, my speaking and teaching. They will all go stale if I don’t renew my spirit. Otherwise, I will go "stagnant in spirit" and then become dull to God.

Judah did. So can we.

That is why time in the Word each day is a non negotiable. I must renew my spirit for what is before me.

For today. For this weekend. For life.

- Join us this Sunday for Valentine’s Day. We are having a breakfast bar and extended time for fellowship. Actually it will be nice just to sit and catch up with each other. Oh and the sermon is extra.

- Our 10 am Tuesday Bible Study will resume this week. Lucy still got more ‘splaining to do!

- Our Children’s Ministry meeting will be held on Saturday February 20th at 10 am. I would like all the Parents to join me as we travel to DiscipleTown


"Lord Jesus, please renew my spirit today. I have so much to do, and often I flag in my spirit and get polarized. I need to have the zest of heaven. I need to keep my wits about me and my spirit strong. Will you help me to do that on a consistent basis? Thank you for your care and love!" Amen.